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In recent years, other discount chains with smaller stores in the United States, including Dollar General and Family Dollar, have grown rapidly. Discount stores have had a great impact on sales in detail, forcing many merchants to lower their prices.27 Wal-Mart, and Target, to a lesser degree, are also dedicating considerable resources to a very enlarged discount store, called Supercenter It is basically a discount store and a combined grocery store. The more than 1,600 Supercenters of Wal-Mart differ from discount stores in several remarkable senses: larger size, larger corridors, more attractive decorated, wider assortment of merchandise and customer-added services. An executive of the company allowed even that all or most of Wal-Mart’s regular stores could be supercenter in the future.28

Limited line stores Much of the “action” in retail sales in recent years has occurred in limited line stores, which sell goods such as clothing, pastry products and furniture, and try to sustain their prices from list , without discount. The new types of limited line retailers have conquered a point of support, insisting on low prices. The amplitude of the assortment varies between limited line stores. A store may concentrate on: several lines of related products between themselves (footwear, casual clothing, accessories); A single line of products (footwear), or part of a product line (sports footwear). We identify line stores limited by the name of a primary product line; For example, furniture store, hardware store or clothing store. Some retailers, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, which used to be limited line stores, now manage much broader assortments, for the revolving trade, a strategy described in the previous chapter. 444.

Specialty stores A specialty store is concentrated on a specific line of goods (pastry products) or even part of that line (such as cinnamon rolls). Among the examples of specialty stores, we have sports footwear shoe stores, butchers and dress stores. (It should not be confused to specialty stores with specialty goods. In a certain sense, specialty stores are poorly appointed, because they can handle not only specialty goods but any of the categories of consumer goods studied in the chapter 8.) Most specialty stores strive to maintain prices suggested by manufacturers, even if they can offer their own store brands at lower prices.

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