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Frames. H.P. PLUMBING We uncover pipes with electric wire, sinks, sinks, wells, tanks, hookahs, responsibility, we are in Fundación Mendoza,, PERMANENT EMERGENCY Uncovering pipes, electrical guallas, plumbing, leaks, electricity, hydropneumatic pumps, washing machine, dryers, air conditioners. Guaranteed jobs!!! “EMERGENCIAS 24 Horas” “Holidays” We uncover the pipes, Electric Guaya, Plumbing, Filtration, Electricity, Masonry. We install sinks, sinks, sinks. Juan Patiño,, *** URGENT SERVICE *** Pipe opener, sewage, plumbing, leaks, electricity, air, refrigerators, kitchens, washing machines, dryers guaranteed jobs, Mr. Martín. M&G SERVICIOS Uncovering of Pipes, Electric Guayas, Cachimbos, General Plumbing, Hydropneumatic, Leaks, Household Repairs. Warranty, Responsibility !!! , “SAN JOSÉ PLOMERÍA”, unclogging pipes with electric wire, dishwasher, hand basin, sinks, wells, tanks, hookahs … located in Barcelona- Lechería- PLC; ; EMERGENCIAS RONDÓN, unclogging pipes, with an electric machine, plumbing in general, filtration, painting and blacksmithing, guaranteed work. Sir: Rondón. Telephone: REMODELING COMPANY offers the services of plumbing, electricity, masonry, painting, structure welding, blacksmithing, drywall, URGENT REPAIRS 24 Hours, We uncover pipes, leaks, general plumbing, Tank Washing, electricity, Oscar Viña. Guaranteed work. > electricity & refrigeration REFRIGERATION CARIBBEAN Center CA Repair, Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System in general, Telephone:, COMPRESSORS IMPORTED USA From, BTU, Refrigerator 2/3/4/5/7/10 Tons, Coperland brands, Bristol Trane, Tecunse, high efficiency. Used Airs for Sale, Installation service, general repairs and projects, pipelines, freon gas. We buy damaged and used air conditioners ** MAINTENANCE REPAIR Home **; Central Airs, Windows, Refrigerators, Cavas, Washing Machines, Dryers, Hydropneumatic Pumps, Plumbing, Uncovering, Pipes, Electricity ISAMAR SERVICES Urgent Repairs, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, airs etc. G.E. Mabe, Whirpool, Sansumg, Electrolux, Kemore, Frigidaire, Daewoo,,, IMMEDIATE REPAIRS !!!, Washers, dryers, Airs, refrigerators, hydropneumatic pumps, ice maker, electricity, plumbing, we unclog pipes, filtration, heater, kitchen, oven . *** (Guaranteed) *** * PREGONERO *

12 12 Classifieds EL TIEMPO Wednesday, August 17, EXPRESS REFRIGERATIONS offers repair services for central air, refrigerator, wine cellar, fourth display cabinets, split, bottle rack freezers, QUICK REPAIRS: Washing Machines, Dryer, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Hydropneumatic Pumps. Uncovered pipes with electric wires. We work Sunday, Holidays. Telephones, TECHNICAL SERVICE Washer, Dryers, air conditioning, kitchen, Electric ovens, gas, refrigerators, Address, all brands, experience, written guarantee, Freddy. REFRIGERATION FRIOTÉCNICA Urgent home repairs of refrigerators, A / C, washers, dryers,, Seriousness, warranty, visit website: *** MILENIUM MAINTENANCE *** Repair, maintenance and installation of airs, refrigerators, washers, dryers , stoves, ovens. all brands. Guaranteed Services tlf ** OROZCO DE Venezuela we already open in Barcelona gas, refrigerant for fridge and air conditioning price: 6.5

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