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Thus, on July 19 the raid only captured 32 Jews, while more than 350 had escaped. Vigneron was arrested for this, naturally.

German submarines sank two British freighters (Empire Hawksbill and Lavington Court), another Norwegian (Port Antonio), another Honduran (Baja California) and another Greek (Leonidas M) in the Atlantic. Faced with the increasing effectiveness of US anti-submarine measures, Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz ordered the withdrawal of German submarines from the US coast.

Himmler gave the order to start Operation Reinhard, aimed at the complete extermination of Jews, Gypsies and other minorities throughout the Polish territory. For this, three death camps had been set up: Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka. In them the execution techniques had been perfected. For example, in Belzec they had gone from a speed of 600 victims per hour to 2,300, and would reach 3,800.

That day 999 more Jews left Drancy. Officially they were to be reinstated in the east, but only 16 would survive the reinstallation.

On July 20 the Germans captured Krasnodon, in Ukraine. However, German troops were still short of supplies. The aviation had to exert a great effort to launch the necessary supplies to maintain the advance. Despite the great job General Alexander Löhr did at the helm of the Luftwaffe, he was replaced by the more energetic Wolfram von Richthoffen.

Another convoy with 824 Jews (more than half women) left France, in this case Angers, bound for Auschwitz. Only 14 would survive the war.

The Battle of the Coral Sea had thwarted the Japanese attempt to take Port Moresby in New Guinea. On July 21, the Japanese carried out another attempt landing 1,500 men in a poorly defended area, between the villages of Buna and Gona, in the north of the island, with the aim of reaching Port Moresby (located on the opposite coast, to the south). At the landing site there was only a small party of Australian soldiers who withdrew without offering resistance.

When the Dutch left Padang, they abandoned several prisoners they intended to evacuate, including Kusno Sosrodihardjo, known as Sukarno, or Mohammad Hatta. Sukarno had founded the Indonesian National Party almost two decades ago, which aimed to end the Dutch occupation of Sumatra, and Hatta had also participated in various activities in the same direction. The Japanese had welcomed them and reached a collaborative agreement: they would use their influence to get the people of Sumatra to accept Japanese occupation during the war and, in return, the Japanese would make Sumatra an independent state when the war ended.

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